Our firm is a leader in patent law. We have a team of highly skilled attorneys, agents and staff that understand all aspects of obtaining patents, enforcing patents and defending against patents assertions. Our team draws from its extensive and diverse corporate and law firm experience in providing the following services:

  • Patent strategy and portfolio management/analysis
  • Domestic and international patent preparation and prosecution
  • Patent litigation
  • Patent licensing and assertion strategy
  • Patent analysis, invalidity, infringement, and value
  • Patent due diligence
  • Patent acquisition and sale

Our firm is experienced with preparing utility patents and design patents. Our team specializes in computer hardware, computer software and computer systems, semiconductors (memory, graphics, wireless) renewable energy, financial, medical devices, Internet and e-commerce, automotive, and mechanical devices. Also, we have deep expertise in preparing and prosecuting software and business method patents. While many patent law firms and patent attorneys in the United States are struggling with recent changes in the law that have complicated software and business method patents, we are on the leading edge of these legal changes and we have developed strategies and approaches that improve the likelihood of success in patenting software or obtaining a software patent. If you are looking for a patent attorney specializing in software patents or business method patents, please call us at (503) 439-6500 or email us at


Trademarks are an important asset for any business. It is important that you properly use and protect your trademark(s) to maximize your investment.

Our firm provides all aspects of trademark counseling in the United States and we work with foreign counsel to handle our client’s international trademark needs. We have helped clients register and protect their trademarks throughout the world and we Our growing trademark practice includes the following services:

  • Trademark knock-out searches
  • Trademark clearance searches
  • Trademark and brand strategy
  • Domestic trademark counseling, filing and registration with the USPTO
  • International trademark counseling and coordination with country experts for overseas registration
  • Provide counseling to clients to help protect their brands and to establish a strategy for maximizing the value of their brands
  • Trademark oppositions
  • Defending and enforcing trademark rights

If you are a looking for a Portland Trademark Attorney please give us a call or email us at

Trade Secrets

Trade secret protection is an important aspect of your business and legal strategies. We can help you identify and protect your trade secrets and simplify your processes and agreements to maintain confidentiality.

Our services include:

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Non-disclosure & trade secret programs
  • Trade secret strategy
  • Trade secret protection
  • Trade secret misappropriation analysis
  • Unfair competition counseling
  • Notice letters
  • Trade secret enforcement and defense


Our services include:

  • Copyright counseling
  • Copyright registration and protection
  • Copyright enforcement and defense
  • Copyright licensing and enforcement