Leading Patent Law Firm

Our firm is a leader in US patent law and we handle provisional, utility and design patents. We have a team of highly skilled attorneys, agents and staff who understand all aspects of obtaining patents, enforcing patents and defending against patents assertions. Our team has been trained in diverse backgrounds in various fields of engineering and computer science. In addition, we have team members who have clerked for Federal judges.

Patent Services

Our team has extensive experience with a broad range of technologies and draws from its extensive and diverse corporate and law firm experience in providing the following services:

  • United States patent application preparation, filing and prosecution
  • International patent application preparation, filing and prosecution through relationships with foreign counsel
  • Patent strategy and portfolio management and analysis
  • Patent litigation strategy and support (we team with highly successful litigators)
  • Patent licensing
  • Patent assertion strategy
  • Patent analysis, invalidity, infringement, and value
  • Patent due diligence
  • Patent acquisition
  • Patent sale

International Practice

Our firm maintains relationships with law firms throughout the world. Through our established relationships we can assist with international patent filings. We assist numerous clients with foreign patent applications filed under the Paris Convention Treaty, and we assist with filing directly in countries abroad. In addition, our firm regularly provides legal services to foreign firms desiring to nationalize a foreign filed patent application in the United States.

Technical Experience

Our team has diverse and extensive technical experience. We are able to support a broad range of technologies in a broad range of industries. We have deep expertise in information technology hardware and software, manufacturing processes, business methods, medical devices and electronics, mechanical devices, and structural devices. We also have experience with household goods and automotive engines and products. Our attorneys have backgrounds in electrical engineering, computer science, manufacturing, aviation, engines, software, etc.


We serve a number of fortune 100 and fortune 500 clients and well as universities, startups and individuals, and we are skilled at helping clients at each stage develop and execute an effective patent strategy. We assist with disclosure mining, portfolio development, patent harvesting, and patent acquisition and divestiture.

Strategic Prosecution

We incorporate the latest legal developments into our patent applications and prosecution strategy. We are experts in claim drafting and in dealing with software/business method patents. We have developed solutions to address issues arising out of recent case law pertaining to patent eligible subject matter, such as the “Alice” case. We understand the legal and technical issues arising out of the Alice case and we are prepared to assist you with the complexities of patenting software and business methods in light of Alice. We also prepare patent applications and prosecute patents with an eye towards enforcement, commercialization and monetization. We understand that patents are a big investment. Therefore, we tailor our prosecution approach to client needs. For example, we can take a hardline approach to maximize breadth, or a flexible approach to reduce prosecution time and costs. We look forward to teaming with you and serving your needs. We start with your business strategy and prosecution objectives, and then develop a corresponding and effective prosecution strategy to support those objectives.


We assist our clients with competitive analysis and we take a “roll up our sleeves” approach to patent analysis. For analysis, we use a proven and effective approach for analyzing patents and our various levels of analysis are ideal for being budget conscious while focusing resources on the most important assets in the portfolio to get the most out of your patent analysis dollars. We have extensive experience with administration due diligence as well as “deep dive” patent analysis. Our patent analysis has helped numerous clients successfully avert patent infringement claims. We are experts with offensive as well as defensive patent analysis, and, with respect to defensive analysis, we use our deep patent prosecution expertise and case law experience to support invalidity and non-infringement positions. We also provide opinion letters. Whether you want to analyze your own patents and portfolio or that of a competitor, we can assist with ranking and rating patents based on criteria relevant to your goals and objectives.

Portfolio Development and Patent Strategy

Developing a patent portfolio is a strategic process. We have experience developing and managing patent portfolios for Fortune 100, Fortune 500 and start-up clients. These services include:

  • Assisting with clarifying the business strategy
  • Developing a patent strategy (near term and long-term) to serve the business strategy
  • Developing plans to execute to the strategy
  • Creating top down budgeting for patent filing by patent committee and technology
  • Conducting patent harvesting sessions
  • Creating automated websites for invention disclosure submission
  • Creating quality review checklist for outside counsel
  • Creating engineer and inventor training courses
  • Portfolio taxonomy and white space reviews
  • Creating a targeted patent portfolio process with annual mining and review by technology
  • Creating competitor analysis programs
  • Creating patent analysis processes for adverse patents
  • Developing and implementing patent acquisition and mining best practices