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Berkeley Law & Technology Group, LLP (BLTG®) is an established and expanding intellectual property law firm with offices in Austin, Texas and  Portland, Oregon.  Our reputable firm was founded by the former Director of Patents at Intel Corporation, Howard Skaist. Comprised of qualified professionals, Berkeley Law & Technology Group works to provide our clients with superior intellectual property services.

We understand how challenging it can be to obtain and protect intellectual property whether it is an invention, a creative work, a symbol, a name, or a design. That’s why we provide a range of intellectual property services to secure and safeguard our clients’ intangible assets.

Although we are located in the United States, we provide our qualified intellectual property services to clients throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Our team of experienced attorneys, skilled agents, and knowledgeable staff specialize in numerous areas of intellectual property law including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, and intellectual property strategy. 

We specialize in helping startups and emerging growth companies develop world class intellectual property assets. You can reach us at 503-439-6500 or



Our firm is a leader in patent law. We have a team of highly skilled attorneys, agents and staff that understand all aspects of obtaining patents, enforcing patents and defending against patents assertions.

Trade Secrets

Trade secret protection is an important aspect of your business and legal strategies. We can help you identify and protect your trade secrets and simplify your processes and agreements to maintain confidentiality.


Trademarks are an important asset for any business. It is important that you properly use and protect your trademark(s) to maximize investment in your brand.


From Fortune 100 companies to start-up enterprises
we work with a diverse range of clients including,  privately financed and VC-financed companies, universities, major technology and media companies, and companies that invest heavily in obtaining intellectual property protection. Our firm represents clients throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe, with a significant concentration in Silicon Valley, the Silicon Forest, and Texas. We also specialize in building relationships with emerging growth companies where quality and budget are both important.

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