Trade Secret Protection

Trade Secrets

Trade secret protection is an important aspect of your business and legal strategy.  The Berkeley Law & Technology Group’s knowledgeable associates can help you identify and protect your trade secrets. To help you maintain confidentiality, we can also help you simplify your processes and trade secret agreements. Whether your business is well-established or brand-new, it is vital that you protect your company’s trade secrets from the date each employee is hired until long after they leave. Trade secret protection is an important concern both in the United States and abroad. We have years of experience in providing superior legal advice to clients who manufacture overseas and manage a diverse and global workforce. Our legal services include: 


Developing and revising trade secret agreements

Non-disclosure agreements

Confidentiality agreements

Non-disclosure and trade secret programs

Trade secret strategy

Trade secret protection

Trade secret misappropriation analysis

Unfair competition counseling

Notice letters

Trade secret enforcement and defense

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