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Patent License Agreement: What You Need to Know

Patent License Agreement: What You Need to Know Whether you’re creating or exploring one, it’s important you fully understand what a patent license agreement is and how it functions. Find out here. Developing intellectual property comes with countless benefits, such as creating a product or selling your idea to others.

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The Importance of a Robust Patent Strategy

Don’t leave things to chance. Ensure you have a robust patent strategy in place to protect your ideas and investments. Learn more here. Imagine a world where groundbreaking inventions could be easily replicated or exploited by competitors without consequences. Such a scenario would stifle innovation, discourage investment in research and

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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Software Patent Attorney

Has your company recently developed a new software program? Read here for seven reasons why you should hire a software patent attorney. Software-related patents comprised 63.5% of utility patents issued in the U.S. As companies invest resources in designing cutting-edge software, the need to protect these intellectual assets becomes essential. While you

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