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What Can Be Patented? A Complete Guide

What can be patented? Knowing the answer to this question gives you a better chance of protecting your creations. Learn more here. Patents are the documents that can help protect somebody’s idea. This could be something that makes you rich and you could want the opportunity to earn what is

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5 Tips for Choosing a Local Trademark Law Firm

Are you interested in having your work trademarked? Click here for five practical tips for choosing a local trademark law firm that you can rely on. Statistics from 2022 show that the SaaS industry was valued at $186.6 billion. It also has an annual growth rate of 18% throughout the software industry.

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7 Reasons to Get Patent Protection for Your Software Creation

Are you wondering how to protect your latest software development? Read here for seven reasons you should get patent protection for your software creation. Did your team recently develop a new type of software? No matter which industry you’re in, this is a major milestone that’s worth celebrating.  Once you

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How to Protect Your Trade Secrets in the Digital Age

The digital age has made protecting trade secrets more difficult than ever. Read about how to protect your business practice now. According to a recent Business Research and Development Survey, more than 50% of American businesses believe their trade secrets to be “very important.” Another 25% of them refer to their trade secrets as

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Protect Your Assets: Understanding the Software Patent Process

Software deals in the technology sector went up by 64% between 2020 and 2021. Technology is always advancing, and with it, the use of software is increasing. Many software developers want to make sure others can’t steal their work, and this is done through patenting. Unfortunately, this presents some challenges. Many innovative products

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9 Reasons to Hire Patent Legal Services for Your Business

Are you wondering if your business really needs a patent lawyer? Click here for nine great reasons you should hire patent legal services for your business. In the digital age, entrepreneurs are rapidly developing new technologies and software to meet our changing needs. When you’ve created something unlike anything else

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