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Signing Intellectual property laws documents

Intellectual Property Laws: The Basics

You are one of 28 million business owners in America. You are also an inventor and you want to protect your intellectual property rights. You want to know about intellectual property laws. In the following discussion, we will define intellectual property as well as explain its protections. Intellectual property law

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Are You a Creator? Here’s How to Protect Your Work

If you’re a creator of any kind — whether it’s art, music, inventions, and more — you know the importance of intellectual property law. Copyrights, trademarks, and patents all fall under this type of law and if you’re a creator, you need this kind of protection before you go public

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The 3 Types Of Legal Protection For Intellectual Property

America is a land of invention, where creators like Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, and Benjamin Franklin are considered national heroes. And, like most developed countries, the United States has strict laws about the use of intellectual property. For individuals and businesses looking to legally protect their ideas and inventions,

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