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Legal Protection: How to Trademark a Word or Phrase

In a marketplace flooded with products and information, standing out is crucial. Have you ever wondered how to safeguard your unique brand identity?  Protecting your unique brand identity is a strategic necessity in today’s dynamic market landscape. This article helps you explore the world of legal protection with trademarks. Keep

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Fair Use in Copyright Law: When Can Someone Use Your IP?

Although you may own IP, the law allows others to use it for certain purposes. Learn more about fair use in copyright law here. Facing the prospect of others using your hard-earned intellectual property? Understanding fair use in copyright law is crucial for protecting your creations. It’s a landscape where

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Steps To Take to Patent Computer Software in the US

Creating new computer software is just the beginning – have you begun the process of patenting, yet? Here’s how to patent computer software in the US. You’ve spent years developing new computer software and you’re on the brink of releasing it to the public. Reasonably, you’re worried that once you

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Trademark on Average?

There are several reasons for trademarking your business name and logo, but how long does it take to get a trademark? This is what you can expect. In 2020, there were an estimated 2.6 million trademarks in the United States. People file these for various reasons, such as to protect a logo,

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How to Develop a Licensing Model for Your Intellectual Property

Developing intellectual property takes time, energy, and resources. This means you need to build a licensing model that can support your future business. Stop leaving money on the table! You’ve spent months, maybe years, building up your intellectual property. Sweat, tears, late nights, and probably a decent chunk of your

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