Software Patent Services: How It Can Help You Protect Your Intellectual Property

To protect your intellectual property, you should utilize software patent services. Learn more about this protection here.

Did you know that 63.2% of the U.S. patents issued in 2020 were software-related? This shows the importance of software development for various industries and applications.

But creating ground-breaking software is not enough anymore. The key to success lies in securing your intellectual property. That’s where software patent services come in.

They can help ensure that your efforts don’t go to waste and that someone else doesn’t profit from your unique idea.

Keep reading to understand more about how these patent services can help protect your intellectual property.

Understanding Intellectual Property and Its Importance

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind. It can be anything you invent, design, or create, like software, books, music, or even the logo representing your brand.

Intellectual property law recognizes four types of intellectual property. These include patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks. 
Below is a closer look at how each applies to software IP.


A patent grants you the exclusive rights to produce, use, and sell your invention. It protects your software’s functionality, features, and system rather than the actual code. The patent expires after a limited period, usually 20 years from the date of filing.

To be eligible for a software patent, the invention must be novel, non-obvious, and have a practical application. Examples of software patents include algorithms, data processing methods, and user interfaces. For instance:

  • Amazon’s “One-Click” patent allowed customers to purchase with a single click
  • Apple’s “Slide to Unlock” patent protected the gesture to unlock iPhones
  • Netflix’s recommendation algorithm suggests movies and shows based on a user’s preferences and viewing history


Since copyright protection is automatic, your software is safeguarded when you create it. The actual code is also protected under copyright law.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are valuable information not publicly available and kept confidential to gain a competitive edge. This may include algorithms, code, formulas, and processes in software.

Reasonable efforts are necessary to protect trade secrets. Otherwise, they can be lost or discovered by unauthorized third parties.


A trademark is a name, word, or picture that shows who makes or sells something, like a program, a logo, or a catchphrase. Trademark owners can stop other people from using similar marks that may cause confusion and dilution of the brand.

Trademark does not protect the software itself, only its branding. It can last forever if it is used and renewed.

Challenges of Obtaining a Software Patent

Obtaining a software patent can be challenging due to various legal, technical, and practical reasons. Learn about some of the key challenges below. 

Subject Matter Eligibility

The software must meet certain criteria to be eligible for a patent. It must be deemed novel, non-obvious, and have a specific application to be eligible for a patent.

Expensive and Lengthy Process

Obtaining a patent can be expensive and time-consuming. Legal fees, filing fees, and patent office examinations can add up. This is especially true if the application requires multiple revisions or appeals.

Fast-Changing Technology Landscape

Software technology evolves rapidly, and what’s innovative today might become commonplace tomorrow. Keeping up with the latest developments in the field while going through the patent process can be a challenge.

Patent Trolls and Litigation

Software patents have been subject to abuse by patent trolls. This refers to entities that acquire patents solely for the purpose of filing lawsuits against alleged infringers. Defending a software patent in a lawsuit can be costly and may not always result in a favorable outcome.

Regional Variations

Different countries have different patent laws and regulations. Obtaining a software patent in one country does not automatically grant protection in others. This can lead to complex and costly international patent filing strategies.

Business Method Patent Challenges

In some jurisdictions, including the United States, software that’s considered a mere business method may face additional hurdles for patent eligibility.

How Software Patent Services Can Help Overcome These Challenges

Getting a patent for your software-based inventions can be technical and complex. This makes it essential for businesses to seek the help of professionals. Software patent services can help with various aspects of the process, ensuring protection for your intellectual property.

Here are 10 ways they can do so.

Patent Search and Analysis

Patent services can help you determine if your software idea or invention is already patented. This prevents you from inadvertently infringing on existing patents. It also helps identify the uniqueness of your idea, making it easier to proceed with the patent application.

Patent Filing and Prosecution

These services handle the legal aspects and documentation required to apply for a patent. This increases the chances of a successful submission.

Patent Strategy and Portfolio Management

A professional can help you plan how to handle your software-based inventions. This includes deciding which ideas are worth patenting. They can also help build a patent portfolio supporting your business goals.

Protection Against Infringement

Even with patented software, there’s always the risk of infringement. That’s why you need to monitor the market; a patent service can help.

They perform regular checks to prevent infringement and take swift action if it occurs. This protects your company from loss if competitors use the technology without permission.

Licensing and Commercialization

Patent services can help you profit from your software patent by allowing other companies to use it. They can draw up the license agreement. Professionals can also advise you on selling and making money from your patented technology.

Litigation Support

In the event of infringement disputes, you’ll need help navigating the legal process. These services can help with collecting evidence, examining it, and defending your rights.

Maintenance and Renewal

Keeping a patent valid means meeting specific requirements like paying maintenance fees. Software patent services can assist with this by keeping track of these tasks. This ensures your patent stays active and protected.

International Protection

These services can also prove helpful if you decide to sell your software globally. They can guide you through applying for patents in different countries. This can help ensure compliance with the laws and regulations in each country.

Keeping Up With Changes in Patent Laws

Patent laws can evolve over time. Software patent services stay up-to-date with these changes, ensuring your patent strategy remains compliant and effective.

Secure Your Innovations Today With Professional Patent Services

Don’t wait any longer to safeguard your software-based inventions.  Remember, it’s not just about protecting your ideas; it’s about securing your success in the competitive market.

Contact us today to learn more about our patent services. 

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